Facilities & Laboratory Equipment
​Tox Path Specialists' facility is maintained in Frederick, MD. This 4500 square foot facility includes a laboratory, offices, conference room and ancillary employee areas.

Facility features:
  • 24 hour electronic security
  • Heat and smoke detectors with fire suppression sprinkler system
  • Natural gas powered back up generator
  • Safety shower and eyewash station
  • Deionized water system
  • Storage for flammables, acids and bases
  • Bench tops, cabinetry and sinks

Laboratory Equipment:​
  • Multiple trimming and ventilation hoods
  • Microtomes
​          - Rotary
          - Electric (for plastics)
          - Ultra microtome (for ultra-thin sections)
  • Automated staining machines
  • Slide and cassette printers
  • Multiple temperature-regulated freezers
Phone: 301-378-0505

Email: mbutt@toxpath.net